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The Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship serves students, faculty, staff, and community partners of Loyola as a resource for experiential learning opportunities and partnership in several key areas:

We offer information, resources, and support for the development of academic internship opportunities, service-learning courses and undergraduate research experiences, and work with Loyola's community partners to develop community service-focused employment opportunities for those Loyola students eligible to receive Federal Work-Study funds. Such academic and professional experiences extend student learning beyond the walls of the classroom and shape the academic, civic, personal, social, ethical, and career development of students.

Academic Internship Program

Internship experiences that earn academic credit not only provide students with valuable experience in a professional field connected to academic learning objectives, but also distinguish students with “real world” experience in the community. (More...)

Service-Learning Program

Some Loyola courses require a service experience in the community to enhance the understanding of theories and course content. Service-learning is a method of teaching and learning that combines service in the community with academic learning in the classroom. (More...)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) promotes one-on-one research collaboration between undergraduate students and faculty researchers. Participating in LUROP allows undergraduate students to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities that are typically reserved for graduate students at other institutions. (More...)

Learning Portfolio (ePortfolio) Program

A Learning Portfolio, used as a pedagogical tool, can help students to reflectively synthesize content within a course and across their academic careers. The CELTS supports faculty in implementing ePortfolio technologies, and helps students execute their folios with creativity and an eye towards documenting their academic, personal, and professional development. (More...)