Loyola University Chicago

Conference Services



Campus Safety

In case of police or medical emergencies, call Campus Safety from any campus telephone by dialing 4-4911. For non-emergency events such as being locked out of your room or plumbing problems, please call the At Your Service Desk.

Fire Safety

If a fire alarm sounds, please look for the EXIT signs and evacuate the building immediately. If you see a fire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm and leave the building via the closest fire escape. For your safety and others, please do not re-enter the building again until you have been cleared to do so. Please do not congregate in the lobby as it may hinder fire and emergency personnel from accessing the appropriate areas.

Residence Policies


You are welcome to bring guests to your room, however, as a safety precaution, we ask that you please register them at the At Your Service Desk.

Laundry Facilities

There are laundry facilities located in each residence hall. Laundry detergent and supplies need to be purchased separately. You will need to purchase a laundry card for $5.00 at the laundry card vending machines located in the Simpson Hall lobby on the Lake Shore Camous or stop by the At Your Service Desk. Ironing boards and irons are available and can be requested at the At Your Service Desk.

Lost Keys and Cards

If your key or key card (building access) is lost or stolen, it must be reported IMMEDIATELY to your At Your Service Desk. Please be advised that a charge for lost keys and key cards will be levied for the items that are lost or not properly returned upon check-out. The standard fee is $120 for each lost key, a $130 key card, and a $50 replacement charge for a meal card lost prior to your departure.

Mail/Package Delivery

Lake Shore Campus:Water Tower Campus:
Your Name—Name of Conference
C/O Conference Services
1032 N. Sheridan Road
Centennial Forum, Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60660
Your Name—Name of Conference
C/O Conference Services
820 N. Michigan Avenue
Baumhart Hall, Suite 401
Chicago, IL 60611


We understand it is inevitable that fixtures and furnishings will occasionally fail. If you require maintenance assistance, please contact the At Your Service Desk.

Meal Plan/Dining Halls (Lake Shore Campus only)

If your conference has made arrangements for a meal plan, a meal card will be issued to you when you check-in. The meal card is set for the meal allowance as requested by your conference coordinator. These cards do not have to be returned at the end of your stay. You will be required to show your meal plan card to the Food Service attendant at the dining room that has been designated for your group. Please make sure to consult with your conference planner for the correct dining room. To find dining hall hours of operation, click here and select the relevant location.

Private Property Care

The University cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of monies, valuables, or personal property. To guard against such loss, it is advisable to make special arrangements for the protection of valuables when absent for extended periods. Report any theft to Campus Safety as soon as possible.


Loyola University Chicago is a smoke and tabacco free campus, therefore no smoking is allowed in any residence hall (including private rooms) or meeting rooms. Please be aware of the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, a measure passed by the Chicago City Council, effective January 16, 2006, where smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of every (Loyola University) building entrance, including building canopies and coverings.