The CTSDH is an interdisciplinary meeting place for members of the Loyola community. The Center is run by university faculty and staff with an interest in textual studies and digital humanities. If you would like to learn more about joining us, please email the Director, Elizabeth Hopwood (

CTSDH Leadership

CTSDH Director and Graduate Program Director; Lecturer in Digital Humanities and English

Fields: digital archives, history of the book & print culture
Research Interest: the 19th century Atlantic World & the Caribbean, Caribbean literature
Professional Activity: Project Manager, Early Caribbean Digital Archive; core developer and outreach lead, Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive; Managing Editor, Digital Humanities Quarterly
Relevant Publications: "Obeah and the Early Caribbean Digital Archive." with Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Benjamin J. Doyle, and Nicole N. Aljoe. in: Atlantic Studies 12:2, June 2015

CTSDH Interim Assistant Director; Advanced Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies

Fields: critical curation, network analysis, Public History
Research Interests: museum studies, history of science, history of anthropology, the exchange of anthropological objects by museums in the late nineteenth century, Smithsonian Institution; Field Museum of Natural History
Professional Activities: Director, May Weber Ethnographic Study Collection, LUC; Scientific Affiliate, Field Museum of Natural History
Relevant Publications: with N.J. Parezo, “Social and Material Connections: Otis T. Mason’s European Grand Tour and Collections Exchanges,” in: History and Anthropology, (Routledge, 2016); “Shared Values, Gifted Objects: The Smithsonian Institution’s Anthropological Duplicates,” in: Collaborative Anthropologies, (Smithsonian, 2015).

CTSDH Past Leaders

Director CTSDH; Associate Professor of Public History and New Media, History Department

Fields: Classification, Critical Curation, Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, Digitization, History of the Book and Print Culture, Mapping/GIS, Project Management, Public History, Social Web
Research Interest: The intersection of religion; urbanization; print culture in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century Atlantic World; Public History and New Media in the twenty-first century
CTSDH Project(s): Project Director of the Jesuit Libraries Project; Project director of the Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project.
Professional Activity: CTSDH Director (2016-); Partner, Community Libraries: Building Community in the Atlantic World, 1650-1850; New Media Editor,; co-creator of the Dissenting Academies Online: Virtual Library System.
Relevant Publications: “Rediscovering Physical Collections through the Digital Archive: The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project” in: Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals (Rowman & Littlefield, Fall 2016); Focus issue on “Collections in a Digital Age”

CTSDH Affiliated Faculty

Advanced Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow, Computer Sciences

Advanced Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow, Computer Sciences
Fields: Collation, Critical Curation, Critical Infrastructure, Computational Analytics, Digital Tools, Macroanalysis, Markup and Programming Languages, Project Management, Scholarly Editions, Textual Scholarship
Research Interest: modernist literature; digital corpus and bibliography of the works of Jules Verne, and associated science fiction authors; cuneiform studies, Near Eastern studies; ancient history and archeology
CTSDH Project(s): Technical Director, and lead developer, of the 'Woolf Online' project - , 'HRIT-CaTT' project.
Professional Activity: Associate faculty member in the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities; Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Textual Studies, De Montfort University, England; consultant and research fellow at Keio University, Japan; Technical Director for other digital humanities projects, including the 'Malory Project', the 'Modernist Magazines' project, and the 'Elizabeth Jennings' project.

Founding Co-Director, CTSDH (2009-2015), Professor of Computer Science, and CTSDH Fellow

Fields: Computational Analytics, Digital Tools, Game Studies, Markup and Programming Languages, Platform Studies, Project Management
Research Interest: digital music, gaming
CTSDH Project(s): Codename Revolution (with Steve Jones); Woolf Online; HRIT-CaTT
Professional Activity: Co-Chair, Special Technical Community in Broadening Participation, Co-Chair/General Chair, RESPECT 2015, Editor in Chief, Computing in Science and Engineering, co-published by IEEE Computer Society and American Institute of Physics, Member of IEEE Computer Society and Association for Computing Machinery
Relevant PublicationsGeorge Thiruvathukal’s work on E-Commons

CTSDH Steering Committee

Associate Professor of English

Associate Professor
Fields: Scholarly Communication, Textual Scholarship
Research Interests: Pedagogy, Writing Program Administration, Life Writing
Professional Activities: Co-Director, The Council of Writing Program Administrators Mentoring Project: Faculty Advisor, Council of Writing Program Administrators’ Graduate Student Organization 
Relevant Publications: Editor, A Critical Look at Institutional Mission: A Guide for Writing Program Administrators. Parlor Press: Anderson: South Carolina, 2016. (forthcoming); “Technology, Diversity, and the Impression of Mission.” Traditions of Eloquence: The Jesuits and Modern Rhetorical Studies. Eds. John Brereton and Cinthia L. Gannett. New York: Fordham UP, 2016. 401-413.

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director


Patricia Mooney-Melvin (University of Cincinnati, Ph.D., 1978) is Associate Professor of History and Graduate Program Director at Loyola University Chicago, where she teaches courses in public history, local history, Progressive Era history, and social welfare history. 

She received a Certificate of Excellence from the Illinois State Historical Society in Spring 1994 for Reading Your Neighborhood:  A History of East Rogers Park (Chicago: Loyola University, 1993). Mooney-Melvin was Graduate Faculty Member of the Year at Loyola in 2002.  As a member of the American Historical Association’s Committee on the Master’s Degree in History, she participated in the Wingspread Conference, Competencies and Credentials in the Training of History Professionals (2005).

Mooney-Melvin has been a leading voice in the promotion of public history for more than three decades. She served as President of the National Council on Public History (NCPH) from 1994-1995 and has held numerous positions in NCPH. She was the Curator of the Ohio Labor History Project at the Ohio Historical Society and Guest Curator for “Ohio Quilts and Quilters” at the Frick Art Galley of the College of Wooster as well as for “Behold Our Works Were Good” exhibition at The Old State House in Little Rock, AR. Mooney-Melvin served as the Acting Director for the UALR Archives and Special Collections Department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She was a faculty member for Teaching Public History.  A Summer Humanities Institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities at Arizona State University in 1984.  Other public history projects of note include the “Guidebook to DoD-related World War II Sites and Museum,” Legacy Resource Management Program for the Department of Defense (principle investigator), “Agents of Change: the Jesuits and Mid-America,” Loyola University traveling exhibition (project director), and the Erie Neighborhood House Neighborhood History Project (facilitator).

More recently, Mooney-Melvin has focused her work in public history on curriculum development, women’s history, and community engagement. She is interested in reflective practice as public history’s signature pedagogy and has presented a draft of her work- in-progress in this area as a conference paper at a NCPH annual conference.   She is a founding member of the Women’s History Affinity Group of the American Association of State and Local History.  She was part of the scholar summit held by the Congressional Commission on a National Women’s History Museum and presented “Claiming and Engaging Space:  The National Women’s History Museum” on January 26, 2016.  She was a member of a working group that provided material for the section on the need for such a museum for the Commission as it prepared its report for Congress. In 2016 she participated in a NCPH PechaKucha session, “Re-interpreting Relevance:  Preservation, Herstory, and the Challenge to the National Narrative,” where she focused on the representation of women on Chicago’s memorial landscape.  Her interest in history and community engagement can be seen in a recent article in the Journal of Urban History (2014), “Engaging the Neighborhood: the East Rogers Park Neighborhood History Project and the Possibilities and Challenges of Community-Based Initiatives” and in her partnership with Elizabeth Fraterrigo as Co-PI for Race:  Are We So Different? Visitor Survey Evaluation Project (Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center 2014-2015 and South Carolina State Museum 2016).

Mooney-Melvin’s scholarship reflects her interests in urban and public history, the relationship of public space and public memory, and the history and evolution of city neighborhoods and settlements. 

Research Interests

American history 1880-1940, public history, urban memory and memorial landscapes, neighborhoods and settlements.



Manager, Digital Media Services

Digital Media Services
Fields: Critical Infrastructure
Research Interests: Digital Media, Emerging Technologies, Online Collaborative Software
Professional Activities: LUC ITS Equipment Loan Program manager, LUC computer lab support

Head of Reference Services

Head of Reference Services
Fields: Critical Curation, Critical Infrastructure, Text Encoding, Textual Scholarship,
Research Interests: film studies, health statistics, latin american studies, women in literature

Senior Lecturer, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator

Writing Program Director, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Bradshaw's research focuses on the collective cultural memories that inform our understanding of powerful, public women. She argues that public discourse, at its most pervasive and superficial level, works to minimize their accomplishments and pathologize their ambitions.

This theme informs much of her work, from her book monograph Amy Lowell, Diva Poet, to a Camera Obscura article on the arrogation of Janis Joplin’s life and career in the film The Rose, to a piece on FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan in the LA Review of Books. She primarily studies this phenomenon in representations of American and British women poets, with recent articles focusing on iconic photographs of Edith Sitwell. Her current book project, Collectible Women: Literary Celebrity and the Rhetorics of Remembering, traces narratives attached to American poets Edna St. Vincent Millay, Gertrude Stein, Sara Teasdale, Elinor Wylie, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Marianne Moore back to the images, ephemera, and archival materials that often stand in for their work in a culture more interested in poetic reputations than in poetry itself.

In addition to her book project, she is working on both print and digital critical editions of Amy Lowell’s selected letters.

As Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator at Loyola, Dr. Bradshaw works with faculty and graduate students across the University to develop upper-division writing courses. 

Program Areas

  • 19th and 20th-Century American and British Poetry
  • Composition and Rhetoric
  • Textual Studies and Digital Humanities
  • Feminist and Queer Theory
  • Women’s Studies and Gender Studies

Research Interests

  • Feminist, Queer, and Gender Studies
  • Archival Studies
  • Epistolary Thoery
  • Cultural Rhetorics
  • Modernism
  • Popular Culture

Professor, Martin J. Svaglic Chair in Textual Studies

Dr. Marta Werner (headshot)

Dr. Werner's research and teaching focuses on the coordinates of the archive variously understood as a center for cultural power and repository of cultural memory and as a whispering gallery of the voices of cultural others who have all but disappeared.

Since her initial foray into the archives, she has been experimenting with different structures for representing Emily Dickinson’s works — first binding some of them into a codex book paradoxically titled Open Folios; then summoning others — or, rather, their digital surrogates — into an electronic archive fueled by millennial energies and called Radical Scatters; next collecting the poems Dickinson wrote on envelopes in The Gorgeous Nothings in order to disseminate them to addressees in a future she could not have imagined; and, most recently, editing the “Master” documents in a presentation that emphasizes their unfolding in time.

Her latest work with Dickinson is a new, collaborative project “‘These tested Our Horizon –’:De-archivizing Dickinson’s Birds on the Shores of the Anthropocene” which seeks to re-construct one thin bandwidth of Dickinson’s vanished soundscape by capturing — albeit incompletely — the calls and songs of the distant descendants of the birds of her world, while simultaneously encouraging us to measure and reflect upon the ecological distances, both actual and perceived, between Dickinson’s sound-world and our own.

Marta Werner is currently the editor-in-chief of Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation, the official journal of the Society for Textual Scholarship. Textual Cultures is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing essays on the praxis and theory of textual editing in all national traditions (texts) and historical periods.


Program Areas

  • American Literature and Culture
  • Nineteenth-Century Studies
  • Textual Studies and Digital Humanities
  • Poetry and Poetics

Research Interests

  • Early American Literature
  • Dickinson and Contemporaries
  • Textual Studies
  • Archive and Editorial Theory
  • Ecopoetics
  • Anthropocene Literature

Title: Interim Director, Women and Leadership Archives

Archivist in Women and Leadership Archives

Fields: Digital Archives, Digital Tools, Project Management, and Public History

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Fields: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computational Linguistics.

Research interests: semantic analysis of texts, medical informatics

Professional activity: member of Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) and American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA).

Relevant publications: See my google scholar page


Digital Humanities; African American and African Diasporic Literatures; Gender and Queer Studies; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Ethnic Studies 

Research Interests 

Theories of race, sex, and gender in 18th- and 19th-century Atlantic writing and art; Race, coloniality, and modernity; Geography and the spatialization of difference; Using digital spatial methods to visualize and interpret relationships amongst space, enslavement, and tourism 

CTSDH Projects 

Mapping Modernity’s Slavery: Leisure and Racial Spectacle in Antebellum New Orleans 

Relevant Publications 

“Touring Modernity’s Slavery: An Autoethnographic Digital Mapping of Leisure and Racial Spectacle in Antebellum New Orleans.” Space and Place in Africana/Black Studies. Eds. Angel David Nieves and Kim Gallon. (University of Georgia Press). 

Professor of English, Associate Faculty in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies


Pamela Caughie

Fields: textual studies, digital humanities
Research Interests: Modernist literature and culture; postmodern literature and theory; feminist, gender and transgender theory; women's studies; pedagogy
CTSDH Projects: Modernist Networks (ModNets); WoolfOnline; Man into Woman: A Comparative Scholarly Digital Edition (in progress)
Professional Activities: President, Modernist Studies Association (2010); Graduate Program Director (2005-2014); Director, Women's Studies Program (1998-2003)
Relevant Publications: "Virginia Woolf: Radio, Gramophone, and Broadcasting." in The Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf, ed. Maggie Humm, (Edinburgh UP, April 2010), "Audible Identities: Passing and Sound Technologies." Special issue of Humanities Research, ed. Monique Rooney and Carolyn Strance, (Australian National University, 2010)


Assistant Professor of Marketing, Quinlan School of Business 


Consumer Culture, Social Media, Gender Studies, Textual Analysis, Visual Analysis 

Research Projects 

Self-presentation on social media; Family life and parenting in the digital age; Gender-based harassment in video gaming; Visual storytelling for healthcare on social media; Influencer marketing; Online social surveillance and body idealization 

Professional Activities 

  • Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) Consortium 
  • Chicago Consumer Culture Community (C4) 
  • Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)    
  • Association for Consumer Research (ACR) 
  • American Marketing Association (AMA) 

Relevant Publications 

Drenten, Jenna, Lauren Gurrieri, and Meagan Tyler (2019), “Sexualised Labour in the Digital Era: Instagram Influencers, Porn Chic and the Monetisation of Attention,” Gender, Work and Organization, forthcoming. 

Gurrieri, Lauren and Jenna Drenten (2019), “The hashtaggable body: Negotiating gender performance in social media,” Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing, Susan Dobscha (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming. 

Drenten, Jenna, Robert Harrison, and Nicholas Pendarvis (2019), “Video Gaming as a Gendered Pursuit,” Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing, Susan Dobscha (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming. 

Drenten, Jenna and Linda Tuncay Zayer (2018), “Consumers' Management of Risk in Daily Life through Digital Virtual Consumption,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3(1), 46-62.     
Drenten, Jenna (2018), “When Kids are the Last to Know: Embodied Tensions in Surprising Children with Family Vacations,” Young Consumers, 19(2), 199-217. 

Harrison, Robert, Jenna Drenten, and Nicholas Pendarvis (2016), “Gamer Girls: Navigating a Subculture of Gender Inequality,” in Russell W. Belk, Diego Rinallo, and Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse (Eds.), Research in Consumer Behavior: Consumer Culture Theory, Vol. 18, Bingley, UK:  Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 47-64. 

Drenten, Jenna (2012), “Snapshots of the Self: Exploring the Role of Online Mobile Photo Sharing in Identity Development among Adolescent Girls,” in Angeline G. Close (Ed.), Online Consumer Behavior: Theory and Research in Social Media, Advertising, and E-Tail, New York, NY: Routledge, 3-34.

Assistant University Archivist
Fields: Critical Curation, Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, History of the Book and Print Culture, Project Management, Public History


Professor and Chairperson of Computer Science


Fields: Markup and Programming Languages, Text Encoding
Research Interests: programming languages, software architecture, distributed and pervasive computing systems, applications in bioinformatics, environmental science
Professional Activities: co-director of Loyola's Emerging Technologies Laboratory (ETL); member of the editorial board of the IEEE/AIP Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine (CiSE)

University Archivist, Curator of Rare Books
Fields: Critical Curation, Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, History of the Book and Print Culture, Project Management, Public History
CTSDH Project(s): Project Manager, Digitizing the Michalak Collection

Professor of English

Fields: Textual Scholarship, Scholarly Editions
Research Interests: Modernist poetry, modernism, popular culture
CTSDH Project(s): Modernist Networks
Professional Activity: Modernist Studies Association: President (2013-14), Chair for Interdisciplinary Approaches (2006-09); T. S. Eliot Society: President (2010-12), Treasurer (2016-present), Webmaster (2004-present); Dept. of English: Director of Graduate Programs (2000-05).
Relevant Publications: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot, vol. 6: The War Years, 1940-1946 (forthcoming).



Associate Professor of Digital Communication

Fields: Critical Curation, Critical Infrastructure, Digital Archives, Digital Ethics, Digital Tools, Web Archives
Research Interests: methods for stewardship of web cultural heritage, preservation and interpretation of web history and culture, web archiving as emerging ‌cyberinfrastructure for e-research, evolution of archival practices, ethics of archival research methods, web archaeology as a method for retrospective study of web culture
Professional Activities: Visiting scholar at Århus University, Denmark (2014); postdoctoral research fellow at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Virtual Knowledge Studio (2008)
Relevant Publications: “Web Historiography and the Emergence of New Archival Forms,” with S.M. Schneider, in: D. Park, N. Jankowski and S. Jones (Eds.), The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Contextualizing Newness, (Peter Lang, 2011).

Professor of English

Fields: History of the Book and Print Culture, Textual Scholarship
Research Interests: British literature of the 16th and 17th centuries, Shakespeare, literature and visual culture, literary and aesthetic theory
Professional Activities: Discipline Representative (Literature), Renaissance Society of America; Editorial Board, Shakespeare Yearbook, Journal of Narrative Theory, Renaissance Quarterly
Relevant Publications: Image Ethics in Shakespeare and Spenser, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), Illustrating the Past in Early Modern England: The Representation of History in Printed Books, (Ashgate, 2003).

Associate Dean of Libraries

Bio. Picture of Steering Committee Member Geoff Swindells

Fields: Critical Infrastructure, Classification, History of the Book and Print Culture

Research Interests: Form and Genre in Government Documents, Political Metaphor, Corpus Linguistics

Associate Professor of English
Fields: textual scholarship
Research Interests: early American literature
Relevant Publications: Colonial Mediascapes: Sensory Worlds of the Early Americas. Co-edited with Matt Cohen. (University of Nebraska Press, 2014).

Edward Surtz, S.J., Associate Professor of Medieval Literature and Culture

Professional head shot of Professor Ian Cornelius of the English Dept.

Fields:  Textual scholarship, manuscript studies, historical linguistics

Research Interests: Medieval English poetry

Relevant Publications: 

Reconstructing Alliterative Verse: The Pursuit of a Medieval Meter (Cambridge University Press, 2017); “An Edition of the Archetype of Piers Plowman B” [review essay], forthcoming in Yearbook of Langland Studies 32; “Passus secundus de Dobest: On the Genesis of a Rubric in the Archetype of Piers Plowman B.” Medium Aevum 84.1 (2015): 1-15. 

Digital Services Librarian

Fields: Critical Curation, Digital Libraries, Digital Tools, e-Publishing, Project Management, Scholarly Communication
Research Interests: library science, scholarly communication, open access
Professional Activities: Author for ACRL TechConnect blog, member of Library Information Technology Association
Relevant Publications: “Library Labs,” with Eric Phetteplace, Mackenzie Brooks, in: Reference & User Services Quarterly, (American Library Association, 2013).

Professor of Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History

Bio. Picture of David B. Dennis faculty member of the CTSDH Steering Committee 

Fields and Research Interests: Cultural History of Computing, History of Western Humanities, Music and History, Beethoven Studies, Modern German History, History of National Socialism

Research Projects: The History of Computing and Its Cultures, book for Taylor & Francis (London, NY: estimated publication 2019)

Assistant Professor of Communication, Director of SIMLab

Fields: Digital Ethics, Game Studies, Platform Studies, Scholarly Communication, Social Research, Social Web
Research Interests: Sociocultural issues in a globally networked society, Technology and social transformation, Design and development of games on various social networking sites and mobile platforms, Digital lifestyles, “Big Data,” Biometrics, privacy, and surveillance, Changing global labor dynamics across industrial, governmental, and academic sectors, Gender/Race/Class dynamics in access to communication technologies; experience and engagement, Research ethics, informed consent
Professional Activity: International Communication Association (ICA); Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA); Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Ethics Committee; Canadian Games Studies Association (CGSA); Canadian Communication Association (CCA); International Association for Media and Communication Research – (IAMCR)
Relevant Publications: “A Game Industry Beyond Diversity: Systemic Barriers to Participation for Women in South Korea,” in: In Kafai, Y., Richard, G., and Tynes, B. (Eds). Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat. (Cornell University Press, forthcoming 2016).

Associate Professor of Social Work

Fields: Social Web, Social Research, Scholarly Communication
Research Interests: Suicide Intervention, Cyberbullying, Family-based Interventions, Community Services, School Social Work, Technology, and Podcasts
Professional Activities: Founder and Host of the Social Work Podcast; original lead developer of Austin-Travis County MHMR (today: Austin Travis County Integral Care), the Austin-Child Guidance Center, Texans Care for Children, and the Texas Kids Count Project (1997-2002).
Relevant Publications: Suicide in Schools: A Practitioner's Guide to Multi-level Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, and Postvention, with Terri A. Erbacher, Scott Poland, (Routledge, 2014).

Manager of Technology/Clinical Professor, School of Communication


Fields: Digital media technology/Digital VR development and applications in mass communication/Photography as visual communication art

Research Interests: 360 VR visual production and application in journalistic communication

Professional Activities: Curating photographic exhibitions in both the US and Asia/Student; portfolio review in the Society of Photographic Education conferences.

Relevant Publications: Book “Photography through finger tips” in Chinese edition

CTSDH Student Fellows

Email id:

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Mapping, Database Management, Digital Archiving

Twitter: @jeremiahlateefPersonal 


LinkedIn profile: 

Current Project: Research Assistant at CTSDH, Amy Lowell Letters Project.

Individual Course of Study:

Fall 2022

COMP 170: Intro to Object-Oriented Programming, DIGH 500: Practicum in Digital Humanities, DIGH 400: Introduction to Digital Humanities

Professional Activity: Coding Instructor, Front End Developer (React, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript), BA in English and Literary Studies.

Freely reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help pertaining to Digital Humanities or coding! 

Email id: 
Research Interest: 
Current Projects: RA for “Printed Matters: Early Representations of the Caribbean in British Periodicals," and or 
Individual Course Of Study:
Fall 2022: Intro to Digital Humanities Research, Textual Studies, Intro to Computing.
Spring 2023: Intro to Digital Humanities Design, Social Legal and Ethical Issues Involving Computing, HIST 401 Special Topics/Seminar
Fall 2023: DIGH 500 DH Practicum; DIGH 403 Web Application Development
Professional Activity:
2021-present Co-founder and co-host (along with Mauricio Oportus Preller) of “Te leíste el texto?”, a podcast in Spanish meant as a general introduction to the canon of political philosophy for non-specialized audiences.
2016 – 2018 Outreach Assistant of the Philosophy Institute at Diego Portales University.
Collaborator in the organization of congresses, workshops, public forums, and other events lead by the Department.
2017-2020 M.A. candidate in Contemporary Philosophy, Universidad Diego Portales, specializing in early 20th century Germany.
2014 – 2017 Lead Teacher Assistant at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
2013 – 2014 Student Council member in charge of Academic Outreach.
Organizer of civic education panels and workshop for high school students of underrepresented and marginalized groups and editor of undergraduate journals.
2011-2015 B.A. in Political Science with a senior paper on theories of justice an radical democracy at Universidad Católica de Chile.
Languages: (*)
Spanish, English
German: Basic-Intermediate Proficiency (A2-B1)
French: Basic proficiency (A1)
* Levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Email id:
Research Interest: Digital Humanities, Manuscript Studies, and Human-Computer Interaction
Current Projects: Emily Dickinson Textual Variants, Gerard Manley Hopkins' Poetry, Weinreb Eating Disorders Project
Individual Course Of Study:
Fall 2022
DIGH 400 Introduction to Digital Humanities Research; COMP 170 Intro Obj-Oriented Prog; ENG 413 Textual Criticism
Spring 2023
DIGH 402 Digital Humanities Design; COMP 417 Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing; COMP 441 Human-Computer Interaction
Fall 2023
DIGH 500 DH Practicum; DIGH 403 Web Application Development
Professional Activity: Society for Textual Scholarship(2023); Research Assistant(2022-Present); Web Content Developer(2022-Present); Product Designer(2020-2022); Assistant Teacher(2018-2020)
Professional website: 

Email id:
Research Interest: Digital Pedagogy, Computational Textual Studies, and Manuscript Studies.
Current Projects: Emily Dickinson Digital Archive
Individual Course Of Study:
Spring 2022
DIGH 402 Digital Humanities Design; COMP 317 Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing; ENG 303 Grammar: Principles & Pedagogy
Fall 2022
DIGH 400 Introduction to Digital Humanities Research; DIGH 401 Introduction to Computing/COMP 125 Visual Information Processing; ENG 413 Textual Criticism
Spring 2023 
DIGH 501 Digital Humanities Project; HISt 401 Special Topics/Seminar
Fall 2023
DIGH 500 DH Practicum; DIGH 403 Web Application Development
Professional Activity: Digital Humanities Association of Nigeria; Society for Textual Scholarship; Pragmatics Association of Nigeria;  
Professional website: 

Past Fellows

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

Headshot photo of Abdur Khan

Fields: French literature, web design, text encoding

Research Interests: Linguistics, feminism in religion, creative development, digital editions, photography

CTSDH Involvement: Graduate Fellow at CTSDH, Digital Experience Intern at Art Institute of Chicago

Professional Activity: Presented at Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference 2016, International Congress of Medieval Studies 2017.

Twitter and personal website @pramankapranam and website,
Research Interests: Archiving and increasing the discussion around Indian literature, storytelling and more 
CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects: First year MA in Digital Humanities, Research Assistant at CTSDH. 
Individual Course of Study
Fall 2019
Intro to DH Research DIGH 400 
Introduction to Computing COMP 150/DIGH 401 
Textual Criticism ENGL 413
Spring 2020
Social, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing COMP 417
Digital Humanities Design DIGH 402
Social Enterprise MGMT 485
Professional Activity I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MA in English Literature, and have worked as a writer, a journalist (with Hindustan Times) and a content curator in India, between 2015 and 2018. My academic and professional experience has helped me strengthen my ideas on research, community building, looking out for stories that need telling and more. In 2019, I co-founded Purple Pencil Project, which remains an important platform which I intend to use during and after my MA to bring digital humanties to literary discourse in India. I am also assisting Dr. Priyanka Jacob with network visualization and Dr. Elena Valussi with mapping religious diversity in Sichuan, using QGIS. 

Digital Humanities graduate student, first year

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

photo of Caroline McCraw


Textual Studies - Text analysis, Scholarly Editions, Textual Scholarship, History of the Book and Print Culture, Classification

Digital Humanities - Critical Curation, e-Publishing, Digitization, Digital Libraries, Digital Ethics, Digital Archives, Scholarly Editions, Platform Studies, Web Archives, Social Research

Research Interests: Digital archives, book arts, visual art, posthumanism, language, poetry, affect theory, Oulipo, gender studies, digital poetics, electronic literature, online communities

CTSDH Involvement: CTSDH Fellow, Man Into Woman Project Team Member

Professional Activity: Library Assistant, Ryerson and Burnham Libraries at The Art Institute of Chicago (2017–2018); Managing Editor, Collected Literary Magazine (2016–2017); Special Collections Assistant, Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection (2015–2017); Graduate Teaching Assistant (Concrete Poetry, Persona Poetry, Intermediate Screenwriting), SAIC (2016–2017); Writing Fellow, SAIC (2015–2017); ESL Instructor (2012–2015); Content Curation Consultant, Lengio Corporation (2014–2015)

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities



Textual Studies - text analysis, textual scholarship

Digital Humanities - digital ethics, digital tools, data visualization

Research Interests: digital pedagogy, rhetoric, techno-sociology, linguistics

CTSDH Involvement: CTSDH digital fellow, plain.txt Podcast Project team member

Professional Activity: teacher, high school English and journalism (2004-2018); adjunct instructor, writing and rhetoric (2006-2017); lecturer, English as a second language (2016-2017)

Email address:
Research Interests: Digital rhetoric, technical communication, media and representation, pedagogy, textual scholarship, digital ethics 
CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects: CTSDH Fellow, Maryland Loyalism Project
Individual Course of Study: 

Fall 2018: DIGH 400 (Intro to DH Research), DIGH 401 (Intro to Computing), HIST 483 (Oral History: Method and Practice)

Spring 2019: DIGH 402 (DH Design and Programming), DIGH 405 (Human-Computer Interaction), ENGL (Studies in American Culture)

Fall 2019: DIGH 500 (DH Practicum), ENGL 413 (Textual Criticism)

Spring 2020: TBD

Professional Activity: Sesquicentennial Scholar, Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections (2018-2019); Graduate Research Assistant, Loyola Information Commons (2018-2019); Technical Writer, Illinois State University College of Arts and Sciences I.T. Department. 

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

Pic used in Rebecca's Digital Fellow bio


Textual Studies – Paleography, Text Analysis, Text Encoding, Textual Scholarship, Digital Editions;

Digital Humanities – Computational Analytics, Critical Curation, Data Visualization, Digital Ethics, Digital Tools, e-Publishing, Macroanalysis, Mapping/GIS, Markup and Programming Languages, Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Project Management, Social Research, Social Web, Web Archives;

Public History - Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, Digitization

Research Interests: Digital Curation, Gender Studies, Industrialization, Marginalized Populations, Progressive Era, Urbanization, Collaborative Digital Pedagogy, Yellow Journalism, 19th-20th Century American History

CTSDH Involvement: Graduate Fellow, Center Communications Assistant, On-Site Technical Support for Man Into Woman Project, Media & Communication Organizer for Loyola's Chapter of Girls Who Code 

Professional Activity: CTSDH Fellow (2017- ),  Cudahy Library Graduate Reference Assistant (2017- ),  Web Content Manager and Metadata Consultant for West Overton Village and Museums of Scottsdale, Pennsylvania (2017- ), Web Content Manager and Text Encoding Consultant for Black Rock History Project of Fairfield, Connecticut (2016- ),  Post-baccalaureate Technical Assistant of the Center for the Digital Text at the University of Pittsburg at Greensburg (2016-2017), Digital Humanities Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (2014-2016), Editor of the Digital Mitford Project (2014- ),  Project Manager and Senior Editor of the Restoration of Nell Nelson Project (2014- ).

Relevant Publications: "A GitHub 'Garage' for a Digital Humanities Course" with Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar, in New Directions for Computing Education: Embedding Computing Across Disciplines, (Springer International Publishing, 2017).

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Computer Science 


Fields: Software Development, Software Testing, UX Design, Web Design, Cloud & Machine Learning

Research Interests: Web Applications, User Experience Research, Quality Assurance, Algorithms

CTSDH Involvement: Graduate Fellow, President and Facilitator of Loyola's Chapter of Girls Who Code, Research Assistant, Social Media Assistant

Professional Activity: Software Developer Intern at Peapod Propulsion Lab (2017 - ), CTSDH Fellow (2017- ), Graduate Teaching Assistant in Loyola Computer Science Department (2016- ), System Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd. (2014-2015), Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. (2012-2014)

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

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Textual Studies - Diplomatics, Historical Criticism, Paleography, Scholarly Editions, Text Analysis, Textual Scholarship.

Digital Humanities - Computational Analytics, Critical Infrastructure, Data Visualization, Digital Archives, Digital Ethics, Digital Libraries, Mapping/GIS, Social Research. 

Research Interests: 20th Century American History, Urban Studies, Chicago History, Education Policy, Digital Pedagogy.

CTSDH Involvement: Graduate fellow, WebPage Coordinator for Loyola's Chapter of Girls Who Code

Professional Activity: CTSDH Fellow (2017-present)

CTSDH Undergraduate Fellow; Undergraduate Student, Economics & Global and International Studies


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Fields: Global and International Studies, Economics, French

Research Interest: Immigration policies, Latin American immigration, gender-based issues, free trade and trade agreements

CTSDH Involvement: Girls Who Code Loyola Chapter Vice President

Professional Activity: Blue Cross Blue Shields (June 2017 - Present), CTSDH Fellow (2017), Intern at the Quebec Delegation Chicago (Fall 2016), Fellow at The Chicago Public Education Fund (Summer 2016), Intern at Interfaith Legal Services for Immigrants (Summer 2015)

Undergraduate Student at Loyola University Chicago

Field of Study: Information Technology and Systems

CTSDH Advisory Board 

Outside Loyola:

Neil Fraistat (Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)

Christine Froula (Professor of English, Northwestern University)

Paul Gehl (Newberry Library)

Philip Gossett (Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor of Music, University of Chicago)

Jonathan Gross (Professor of English, DePaul University)

Steve Jones (Professor of Communication, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago)

Steven E. Jones (Founding Co-Director (2009-2016), CTSDH and CTSDH Fellow; DeBartolo Professor of Digital Humanities, University of Southern Florida)

Bill Parod (Repository Analyst, IT, Northwestern University)

Geoffrey Rockwell (University of Alberta)