Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

Affiliated Programs

Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities

Faculty and students of literary fields within the Department of English often collaborate with the CTSDH on various textual studies and digital humanities projects meant to encourage engagement in literary studies and facilitate further investigation by academics and the general public. 

Medieval Studies

Undergraduate students in the Department of English can pursue a minor in medieval studies, exploring literature and history of the medieval time period. Both undergraduate and graduate students often attend the annual lecture series on various subjects in medieval studies given by speakers from other universities. 

Shakespeare Studies

Another field of literary study that can serve as a minor for both students majoring in English and in Theatre is Shakespeare studies. While studying the classical, medieval, and Renaissance worlds, students will also read plays by Shakespeare and are invited to the annual McElroy Shakespeare Celebration.

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Serving as a minor for students in the Department of English, the Women's Studies and Gender Studies concentration also offers some classes to graduate students interested in WSGS. The WSGS program emphasizes public service and often holds events in collaboration with other LUC departments or organizations in the Rogers Park area.