Loyola University Chicago

Forensic Science Program


The Forensic Science curriculum is focused on natural and physical sciences.  Students enroll in lecture and lab courses in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Physics in addition to the Forensic Science courses.  Our dedicated lab spaces give students hands-on experience with instrumentation and software equivalent to that used in forensic laboratories.  


Our Drug Chemistry & Toxicology lab equipment includes several Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometry systems (Agilent 7890A/5975C & 8890/5977), a Gas Chromatograph - Triple Quad system (Agilent 8890 / 7000D), a Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detector (Agilent Infinity 1260), two Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers with ATR detection (Thermo-Nicolet iS5 & Smiths Detection Hazmat ID Command System), plus concentrators, balances, sonicators, and solid phase extraction manifolds.  


Our Forensic Molecular Biology/DNA lab equipment includes a thermocycler (Applied Biosystems Veriti), a qPCR instrument (Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR), a plate centrifuge (Eppendorf 5804), a CE (Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer), and a data analysis station (GeneMapper ID-X v 1.7).  


Our Pattern Evidence laboratory utilizes equipment such as cyanoacrylate processing chambers, stereomicroscopes, micrometers, calipers and the Cadre Forensics TopMatch Virtual Comparison Microscopy Software.  


 You can see our lab spaces for yourself in this video.