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Closer by the Minute

January – September, 2012

The observation of time is a key discipline for a videographer. David Hodge and Hi-Jin Hodge have long been aware that every minute of a film can draw viewers to a closer, deeper understanding of a topic. Presented through the eyes of a sensitive artist, these minutes can also take on a more significant meaning: they can draw us nearer to our selves. They can teach us to examine our lives minute by minute, studying and fully experiencing every action we take and reaction we have.

In Closer by the Minute the Hodges use digital technology to show the depth and power of exploring a subject in a careful, methodical way. The works in this collection address issues of interpersonal, metaphysical, and societal interest. Specific themes include impermanence in human life and affairs, a meditative study of the ocean, and an exploration of what people leave behind when life ends.

Typically, the Hodges' video-based work brings many perspectives together to tell a compelling story about life and change. The artists reveal their subjects in surprising ways, building reactions that increase in intensity and meaning the longer a viewer experiences them.

Loyola University Museum of Art is pleased to present Closer by the Minute, a collection of works by David and Hi-Jin Hodge.