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Campus Recreation

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Summer hours will begin on May 4th. Check them out here: Halas Hours

Summer 2024 Memberships will be available to purchase on May 13th! Click on the below tab to learn more.


Halas Memberships: Summer 2024

Summer memberships will begin May 13th, 2024! Undergraduate students enrolled in 1 or more credit hours this summer and pay the Student Development fee will automatically receive a membership as part of the fee. Continuing undergraduate students (students who were enrolled in the spring term and are enrolled in the upcoming fall term) and graduate students are eligible to purchase a Halas membership as well. Additionally, Loyola staff, faculty, Jesuits and Retirees will be able to purchase a membership at Halas! Please click on Details to learn more about Summer 2024 Memberships. DETAILS


Jun 04

Jun 11
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

EMERGE: Mental Health Awareness

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