Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Five-Year BA/MA in Philosophy

The BA/MA in Philosophy program allows students to earn both bachelor's and master’s degrees in philosophy in five years. This accelerated degree program is a cost-effective option for undergraduate majors wishing to pursue graduate education in philosophy. It prepares students to apply for doctoral programs and gives them a chance to work with faculty they already know at the graduate level. A student enrolled in this program is an undergraduate for four years and a graduate student for one year. Philosophy majors must apply to the BA/MA program in their junior year. They will then have a modified program of study in their senior year, taking courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level that count toward their BA and MA, before completing a fifth year of graduate study.

Program Highlights

  • Cost-effective option for undergraduate majors interested in pursuing graduate education in philosophy.

  • Takes half the time to complete than a traditional MA at a new institution

  • Provides excellent preparation for applying to PhD programs and pursuing specialized research at the doctoral level

  • Offers continuity of education, allowing students to continue working with faculty they already know

BA/MA Degree Requirements



  • Junior philosophy major
  • Overall GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • GPA of 3.5 or higher in philosophy (with at least 5 completed courses, 3 at the 300 level)
  • Apply by March 15th of junior year

Submit a transcript, a writing sample, a one-page statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendation from full-time Loyola philosophy faculty members to Graduate Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Gaffney at jgaffney@luc.edu


Dr. Jennifer Gaffney, Graduate Program Director, jgaffney@luc.edu 
Dr. Kristen Irwin, Undergraduate Program Director, kirwin@luc.edu