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Astronomy Sites

  • The Nine Planets website is one of the best, most comprehensive and frequently updated of all astronomy sites on the web.
  • The American Astronomical Society Teacher Resource Agent website has a very good array of classroom demonstrations and workshop ideas for teachers interested in astronomy education. This site also has some of the best astronomy and astronomy education sites on the web.
  • Follow the progress of the Cassini Mission to Saturn at this site provided by NASA.
  • Sky and Telescope provides updates on recent developments in astronomy and has an excellent online interactive sky chart.
  • NASA's website provides links to information on space missions, space science news and has very nice offerings for students and educators.
  • The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and up-to-date site containing information on the rapidly growing field of discovering extrasolar planets, i.e., planets orbiting other stars in the galaxy.

Earth Science & Geology Sites

  • This wonderful site from Discovery Kids has excellent information regarding volcanoes
  • An excellent description of the basics of the theory of plate tectonics comes from Volcano World.
  • Teachers interested in classroom activities that demonstrate plate tectonics should be sure to visit the demonstration page from the Univ. of North Dakota site listed above.

Weather Sites