Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

October 19, 2011

Announcement: Wabash Avenue Blocked Due to Window Damage in Corboy Law Center

Loyola Community,

Due to the high winds, a window on the east side of the Corboy Law Center (between floors 10 and 11) has blown out. Campus Safety and the Chicago Police Department are on the scene, and Wabash Avenue, between Chicago and Pearson, is blocked off and no vehicular or pedestrian traffic is allowed to pass through. There are no injuries to report.

Due to the street closure, the Loyola shuttle has been re-routed, and it will be picking up and dropping off in front of the Corboy Law Center (on Pearson) until Wabash Avenue is re-opened.

For updates on the situation, please check out the Inside Loyola news site at LUC.edu/insideloyola.


Robert Langan
Lieutenant, Campus Safety