Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Signing Complaints/Pressing Charges

Most people are not familiar with the Illinois legal process that has to happen after they have been the victim of a crime. There are certain things that the police can do without you and there are things the police need you to do in order to proceed. 

Let's say you have caught someone trying to steal your bicycle that you had locked up to a bike rack with a cable lock.  You contact Campus Safety and they respond and detain the suspect. In order for the person to be arrested, you must sign a complaint. Signing a complaint is what most people refer to as "pressing charges."  This means that you have been the victim of a crime and that you agree you want the person arrested for their actions and that you also agree to appear in court against the person. 

If you do not sign complaints, the offender will most likely be released on the spot.

Campus Safety always encourages victims of crimes to sign a complaint and will help guide you through the process.