Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Crime Alert - Attempted Strong-Armed Robbery at the Water Tower Campus

February 22, 2019

Loyola Community,

Campus Safety is writing to notify you about an attempted strong-armed robbery that occurred at the Water Tower Campus tonight at approximately 8:21 p.m.

A Loyola student was on the 800 block of North Wabash Avenue when two unknown persons jumped out of a red and black Jeep and ran up to the victim and attempted to take their cell phone. The offenders were unsuccessful and got back into the Jeep before fleeing westbound on West Chicago Avenue. The student sustained no injuries.

The offenders were both male. One was described as wearing black shoes, black pants, and a black hoodie. The other was wearing blue jeans and a black jacket with white sleeves.

Campus Safety is working closely with the Chicago Police Department on the investigation. If anyone has information on the incident, please call Campus Safety at 773.508.SAFE or the Chicago Police Department via 9-1-1 or 312.744.8263. The Chicago Police Department also continues to investigate leads related to other recent violent incidents in the district, and any new updates will be posted to the 24th District Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) and CLEARMAP websites.

Please also keep the following risk-reduction tips in mind:

  • If a person threatens you, follow any demands and run away as soon as it is safe to do so. Once in a safe place, immediately notify Campus Safety at 773.508.SAFE or the Chicago Police Department via 9-1-1 or 312.744.8263.
  • Investigative follow-up will be dependent on the amount of detail a person can recall. It is important to remember as many identifying characteristics about the offender(s) as possible. This can include the license plate of any involved vehicle, physical characteristics of the person, their clothing, any weapons used, direction of flight, etc.
  • If you see something you believe to be suspicious, immediately contact Campus Safety or the Chicago Police Department.

Campus Safety recognizes that survivors are not at fault for any crime. Students who are seeking resources related to acts of violence can contact the Wellness Center at 773.508.2530 or visit the Community Coalition on Gender-Based Violence website. Faculty and staff in need of resources are encouraged to utilize the University‚Äôs Employee Assistance Program.


Tim Cunningham
Commander, Campus Safety