Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Emergencies FAQ

If you call 911 on campus, the call will go to the City of Chicago's 911 system and they will dispatch the Chicago Police Department or the Chicago Fire Department, depending on the nature of your emergency. Calling 44-911 from an on-campus phone will place you in touch with Loyola Campus Safety.

Yes. Known as Loyola Alert, the University has emergency notification communication system sends a text message, email and voice call to the registered phone number and email address of students, faculty and staff in the event of a life- threatening, campus-wide emergency. All persons with a Loyola University Chicago UVID are eligible to sign up for the Loyola Alert service. They must have a cell phone that is equipped to receive text mail messages. Users of the service are encouraged to update their contact information annually at the start of the academic year by logging on to http://www.luc.edu/alert. You are not required to sign up but it is strongly encouraged.

Please visit the sexual assault page here for information on what to do if you are the victim of a a sexual assault.

If you or someone you know is having a medical emergency on campus, you should immediately call 911 and then report it to Campus Safety by calling 44-911 from any on campus phone or 773.508.SAFE from any phone. An Officer will be immediately dispatched to your location. Examples of this will be people who are not breathing, unconscious, shortness of breath, crushing chest pain or significant physical trauma.

LUCEMS operates overnight while school is in session and will respond to any medical calls that come into Campus Safety while they are in service. These are trained and licensed EMT's who will assess you and make the appropriate recommendations for further treatment.

You should contact Campus Safety immediately at 773.508.SAFE (7233). Do not delay in calling as any delay could be life threatening depending on the level of intoxication. The University's main focus is to get intoxicated individuals immediate medical attention and not to get someone in trouble. The health and well-being far outweighs any concerns about disciplinary action. Please note that the incident will be reported to the appropriate college official as a medical assist.