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Campus Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to our policies and procedures. Click to expand, then click to retract.

All reservations must be made online using our scheduling application, 25Live-- we do not accept reservations via email or phone. We encourage all requestors to browse the 25Live training resources on our website (training manual, videos, FAQs, and more) for help with the application.

To cancel an event, please email campus-reservations@luc.edu. Please include:
Reservation number (e.g. 2017-ABCDEF)
The date(s) you wish to cancel
The space(s) you wish to cancel 
During the first two weeks of the semester, professors may request a room change to better suit the needs of their classes and students. The Office of Registration and Records needs to have the ability to move classes freely during this time to ensure that all courses have an appropriate room assignment. Reservations in classrooms and auditoriums would conflict with this process, so Campus Reservations must wait to book events in academic rooms until the deadline for room change requests has passed (the third week of the semester). Because evening and weekend courses are less common than daytime, weekday courses, Campus Reservations receives early clearance to tentatively book reservations for events occurring during that time.

For every request you submit, you should receive either a confirmation or a correspondence email within 3 business days. This email will be sent from CRADMIN1 or CRADMIN2. If you are not receiving these emails, they may be in your Junk or Spam folders. If you are still unable to locate these emails, please contact campus-reservations@luc.edu to troubleshoot. 

Registered Student Organizations: Please ensure that you are checking the inbox of the email address your organization provided to Student Activities and Greek Affairs during registration. Also, please ensure that the individual responsible for placing reservations has access to this email address and checks it regularly.

Faculty/Staff: Please ensure that you are checking the inbox of you @luc.edu email address.

Please wait two business days before sending us an email about a request. Please note that during the first 4 weeks of a semester, we receive hundreds of requests and inquiries each day. During that time, it may take longer than usual to receive confirmation or correspondence regarding your request. We appreciate your patience.

A full list of facilities and the contacts who reserve them is available on our website (in the Room Inventory). You can also browse recommended and available spaces using 25Live-- click here for more information.

25Live does not allow double bookings. If another event is in a room you have reserved, it is likely that they are utilizing it without a reservation. Please always keep a printout of your confirmation with you-- if the group will not vacate, please contact Campus Safety at 773.508.6039. An officer will respond to your request and remove the occupants.


On a few very rare occasions, classes do not update from LOCUS correctly and are not visible in 25Live. If there is a class occupying a space you have reserved, please contact Campus Reservations immediately.

Make note of any custom setup you will need in the Layout and Instructions field within the Event Form in 25Live Pro. Please note that some rooms (e.g., classrooms) come with an "as is" setup. We recommend reviewing the 25Live Pro location details if you have any questions about the setup options for the room you're requesting. If you need to make changes to your setup, please email campus-reservations@luc.edu with the reference number of your reservation and the changes you would like to make at least 3 business days before your event. Campus Reservations meets with Millard once a week to go over all upcoming events (Tuesday mornings for LSC, Thursday mornings for WTC), so it is best to submit this information at least one week in advance, if possible.

We recommend reviewing our Room Inventory to review the technology present in the room you're requesting. All ITRS supported spaces will link to instructional PDFs to help you navigate the technology in the room. 


If your room is supported by ITRS, please complete the class/event technology support form via the ITS Service Portal (Loyola login required). You can find a list of ITRS supported rooms here: LSC - WTC.


If your room is a space in Damen Student Center or Centennial Forum, please contact Damen Student Center staff (damenstudentcenter@luc.edu) for AV assistance.

If you are requesting AV equipment that does not come standard in your room, you may be able to check it out through Digital Media Services. If you are unable to check out, you can also rent AV equipment and support through Conference Services for a fee (conferences@luc.edu).