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Meet the SOE

Education is Transformative

At Loyola's School of Education we are called to transform lives through our teaching, learning, and research. We pursue educational innovations and leverage the Ignatian traditions to make education accessible to all and enhance the success of our students. Our research and scholarship intentionally aligns with our mission, promotes racial justice, and addresses the many complex societal challenges.

Education is Inspirational

At Loyola's School of Education we endeavor to advance equity in education in service of social justice, engaged with Chicago, the nation, and the world. We are inspired by the power of education and work to ensure future leaders have a transformational experience, one that prepares them to address social inequalities in both their local and global communities through the power of education and research.

Loyola Featured on PBS, CNN, MSNBC: SuccessFiles with Rob Lowe

Ramblers TEACH and with that mission, Loyola University Chicago's School of Education has developed a teacher preparation program that has drawn national attention. As the only university in the country to teach all of its teacher prep courses in working schools, Loyola is preparing teachers who can teach all students in service of social justice.

Success Files with Rob Lowe

'What mark do you want to make on this program?'

Explore Loyola's diverse educational community, and its emphasis on social justice.