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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Theory in Comparative and International Education


The School of Education at Loyola University of Chicago is excited to celebrate the work of Dr. Tavis Jules and colleagues on their publication of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Theory in Comparative and International Education 

This book offers a practical and approachable overview of central theories in comparative and international education (CIE). The chapters focus in depth on specific theoretical perspectives and seek to elucidate the histories, assumptions, and recent developments of these theories. The chapters also situate the theories within CIE, include specific case studies of theoretical application, and outline suggestions for further reading. Written by leading scholars from around the world, this is must-have reference work for anyone teaching, researching, studying, or working in CIE.

The handbook includes chapters on a diverse collection of theories, including but not limited to: Structural-functionalism, Colonialism/ImperialismMarxism, Human Capital Theory, Dependency/World Systems Theory, Post-Colonialism, Post-Socialism, Post-Foundationalism, Neo-liberalism, Neo-Institutionalism, Neo-Marxism, Policy Borrowing and LendingPeace Theories, Human Rights, Constructivism, Racism, Gender, Queer Theory, Social Network Theory, Capabilities Theory, and Cultural Political Economy.

You can check out excerpts from reviewers here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/the-bloomsbury-handbook-of-theory-in-comparative-and-international-education-9781350078765/

For more information on this book, please contact Dr. Tavis Jules (tjules@luc.edu