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SOE Summer Updates


SOE alumnus Sydney Delghingaro traveled to Portland, Oregon along with Drs. Mike Grillo and Lara Smetana to participate in the annual meeting of American Society of Plant Biologists society. With funding from the organization, the team developed curricular materials and had the opportunity to share the resources with other biology educators. The materials were based on the teachers’ experiences working in Loyola labs last summer, which were implemented in Chicago classrooms this past academic year.

The team also participated in the organizations’ Plant Science Saturday community event in Portland, aimed at broadening interested and participation in science. Grillo and Smetana built upon their 2021-22 BLOOME grant and received a five-year award from the National Science Foundation to continue to support pre-service teachers’ research experiences at Loyola. 


SOE doctoral student Krishna Millsapp is representing the LUC-Noyce Scholars program at the annual Noyce Summit in Washington, DC. Here, she will present an overview of the LUC-Noyce Scholars mentoring program and how the program fits into the critical induction support that the program provides early career teachers. Stay tuned for more info to come!


LUC-Noyce Scholar Maks Malec is part of a team of high school teachers and university researchers presenting at the national conference for the National Science Teaching Association on their collaboration and learning about teaching multilingual students.