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Fujimoto, Ken A.

Title/s:  Associate Professor
Program Chair for Research Methodology

Specialty Area: Measurement and Statistics

Office #:  Lewis Towers 1060, WTC

Phone: 312.915.6852

Email: kfujimoto@luc.edu

CV Link: /media/lucedu/education/faculty/cv/Fujimoto_CVweb.pdf


One area of my research consists of developing novel Bayesian parametric and nonparametric item response theory (IRT) models to more effectively examine the quality of educational and psychological test data. Another aspect of my research focuses on evaluating and refining rating instruments that measure the quality of daycare centers and mental health-related constructs.


  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Program Areas

  • Research Methodology

Research Interests

  • Parametric and Nonparametric Item Response Theory Modeling
  • Bayesian Data Analysis
  • Multilevel Modeling
  • Educational and Psychological Test Design

Courses Taught

  • RMTD 404 Introduction to Educational Statistics
  • RMTD 430 Psychological Measurement
  • RMTD 432 Item Response Theory
  • RMTD 403 Survey Research

Selected Publications

  • Fujimoto, K. A., & Neugebauer, S. R. (2020). A general Bayesian multidimensional item response theory model for small and large samples. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 80(4), 665–694.
  • Fujimoto, K. A. (2020). A more flexible multilevel bifactor item response theory model. Journal of Educational Measurement, 57(2), 255–285.
  • Fujimoto, K. A. (2019). The Bayesian multilevel trifactor item response theory model. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 79(3), 462–494.
  • Fujimoto, K. A. (2018). A Bayesian multilevel multidimensional item response theory model for locally dependent data. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 71(3), 536–560.
  • Fujimoto, K. A., & Karabatsos, G. (2014). Dependent Dirichlet process rating model. Applied Psychological Measurement, 38(3), 217–228.