Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The Loyola Family Business Center was one of the first communities formed to research, understand, and create supportive programs and education for family businesses in the U.S. Our founders were Loyola faculty and staff—each intensely curious about families in business—from the schools of Business, Social Work, and Law. Their early and essential work established the core values of our foundation. We still hold these values today:

  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Non-solicitation
  • Serve the whole family
  • Collaboration in families, research, and practice

Loyola was home to some of the pioneers of family business research (Ward, Mendoza, Murdoch, Schuman, etal.). They founded the Center and built the first membership community.

In 1997, they were joined by Andrew Keyt who went on to lead and grow the Family Business Center community and programs for the next 18 years. Like other second generation leaders, Keyt built upon the founders’ progress by expanding services and creating the preeminent education institutes we offer for Next gens, now gens, shareholders and boards. Between 1997 and 2016, his leadership, teaching, and research solidified the community of middle market businesses, many of whom remain members today. Anne Smart joined the Center in 2008 and was director from 2016-2022.

The Center's longevity can be attributed to the leadership and commitment of its members to one another. We believe that family-owned businesses that engage with peers will prosper. Board members and chairs have provided oversight and direction for our educational offerings, programming, and services while the Center's dedicated staff and faculty, along with Loyola University's commitment to family business, assures the family business community will have a place to learn and grow for generations to come.