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The Family Business Center provides a community for middle market sized, multigenerational family businesses to gather, connect, and learn together. Our core values of non-solicitation and confidentiality are honored by the corporate partners with whom we work.

It starts with a shared understanding of our values and a desire to collaborate. Strategic partners and other sponsors have an opportunity to support or underwrite programs and events that expand what the FBC can offer its members. Together, we work to create content that is current and relevant to FBC members. Sponsors can provide financial support and subject matter expertise for institutes, webinars, and conferences.

Sponsors benefit by being affiliated with our reputation and mission to support family and business through succession and growth. Sponsorships can include event hosting, advertising, naming opportunities, and placement in Family Business Center communications.

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Start the conversation by contacting us at fbc@luc.edu or 312-915-6490.