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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Family Weekend 2024?

Family Weekend 2024 will be from September 20 - 22. 

Is Family Weekend only for parents and siblings of current Loyola students?

No. Students may invite other family members as well as / instead of parents and siblings, such as guardians, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

How many family members from each family can attend Family Weekend?

There is not a set limit in terms of how many of your family members you can register to attend. Please remember to register your current Loyola student as well as other family members.

What if we register for your family and then another family member later wants to join us?

You may register that one family member separately after registering the rest of your family.

In the registration system, what does it mean by "Primary Registrant"?

The Primary Registrant is the person registering the family for Family Weekend. A Loyola student can register their family, or a family member can register their family (please include the Loyola student in your registration). We don’t ask for the names of all family members, but it does help us to have at least one contact person per family in addition to the current student.

Why does it cost less for adult guests who register 2+ weeks in advance?

Two weeks before Family Weekend, we will confirm our final guest number for our catering orders. We will increase the number slightly beyond the number of people registered on that date knowing that there may be more people registering between that date and the Thursday right before Family Weekend. It helps us to plan if we have a fairly accurate estimate for the guest number two weeks prior to the weekend. 

Why does online registration close the day before Family Weekend?

We need to make final preparations for our Check-In area before people arrive for Family Weekend. Please note that we may need to close registration prior to that date and time if we reach capacity with the number of guests. In that situation, we would make a note on the main page of this website. 

When we register, will we receive tickets? What do we need to have when we arrive on campus? What do we need to have when we go to events?

When you register, you should receive a confirmation email; we encourage you to keep it for your records. When you arrive on campus, we will already have your registration information in our system. At the Check-In area, we will give each registered family member a wristband. Staff will ask to see the wristband when entering each event. At check-in, each registered guest will also receive a card to bring to Chicago on Campus (it will be used as a ticket for lunch options). 

Is there any expectation that we attend most or all of the events?

No. People are invited to attend any events that are of interest to them, but there is no obligation to attend all of the events offered during the weekend. Families often choose to attend a few events that appeal to them, and then spend the rest of their time enjoying Chicago with their student. Indoor spaces have certain limitations so there are some events that may reach capacity. This is one of the reasons that we provide multiple options throughout the weekend, sometimes at overlapping times.

What is the Second City show like? How do I get a ticket?

Second City is famous for its comedy shows in Chicago. We bring a cast of Second City performers to campus for Family Weekend. This is a comedy show that is designed for an audience of teens and older. Tickets to Second City will be available when people check-in for Family Weekend in the Damen Student Center south entrance, while supplies last. There are only as many tickets as the number of seats in the auditorium. We have tickets because of feedback from families who did not want to wait in line for the show not knowing if there would be enough seats for them to attend. 

The website says that seats may fill for the film screenings in the cinema. What time should we arrive?

It is difficult to offer a suggestion in terms of when to arrive because so much depends on the choices that families make that weekend. Typically, the cinema has filled about 20-30 minutes before each viewing. 

If plans change for one or more members of our family, is there any way to get a refund?

Because we need to make plans weeks in advance based on registration numbers, we are unable to offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Is there parking on campus?

We have two parking garages at the Lake Shore Campus that Family Weekend guests are welcome to use during Family Weekend at no charge. The gates for both garages will be up during Family Weekend. Parking is not allowed from 2am - 5am unless guests purchase an overnight pass from Campus Transportation (supplies limited). For questions about parking, please contact Campus Transportation: https://www.luc.edu/campustransportation/generalinformation/visitorsandguests/

Please note that space in the garage is limited so people are encouraged to use public transportation when possible. There is street parking in the neighborhood as well. 

May I visit my student’s residence hall room during Family Weekend?

Yes. As always, students should plan ahead and to follow the guest policy for Residence Life. 

May I visit my student without attending Family Weekend events?

Family members can visit their students this weeked or on other weekends. You only need to register for Family Weekend if you and your student plan to participate in one or more of the Family Weekend events which are listed on the Family Weekend schedule here: Family Weekend: Loyola University Chicago (luc.edu) That said, if you plan to visit your student without registering for and participating in Family Weekend events, you might find that visiting on a different weekend could be better due to the number of people on campus that weekend, and hotel availability. 

May Family Weekend guests use the Halas Recreation Center during Family Weekend?

If Family Weekend guests would like to use the Halas Recreation Center to work out, swim, or take a Group Fitness class, they may do so by coming with their student, completing a waiver, and paying $15 for a guest pass. 

Halas Recreation Center will also be available for tours during Family Weekend.