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Setting the Stage: Engaging Students Online

August 2020 FOTL

How do I build community in my classroom? How do I facilitate discussion? How do I give students feedback? How do I support students online?  How should I structure the first day of the course? How do I integrate experiential learning in my course? How do I organize course content? These are all common questions that many educators have been considering both on a theoretical level and on a practical level for a long time.  

Our current context-online learning-is shining a spotlight on these questions. Peruse the Chronicle of Higher Education or Inside Higher Education and you will see how these questions, particularly now, are surfacing in schools all over the country. And, there are many recommendations that can be gleaned from the literature on teaching and learning and from practical experience on how to answer these questions.  

The hard work and creative problem-solving faculty will talk about today reflect a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. A desire to create learning environments that merge flexibility with structure and high expectations with compassion also reflect a commitment to cura personalis: attention to the formation of the student as a whole person. Sharing what they have learned throughout their teaching careers, particularly when there was a rapid pivot to online learning, reflects a desire to engage in dialog with other colleagues. Recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, reaffirming a commitment to Jesuit education, and creating a space for colleagues to talk with each other about teaching and learning are among the primary aims of FOTL.  

 Based on our work with faculty over the last several months as they transitioned online and grounded in some of the “big questions” I just mentioned a list of topics for this year’s FOTL was generated. These topics include reflecting on how to engage students online, taking engaged learning online, making the most of synchronous and asynchronous time, delivering feedback online, building community online, and connecting students with support services online. Our presenters will share how they have approached these topics in an online environment.   

The presenters embody a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and demonstrate the ability to reflect on their teaching practices, another primary aim of FOTL. I cannot thank our faculty presenters enough for  the time and energy they devoted to organizing their ideas and then sharing their ideas today while they present. 

August 2020 FOTL Opening Session

Taking Engaged Learning Online Session Recording

Making the Most of Synchronous and Asynchronous Time Recording

Building Community Online Recording

Delivering Feedback Online Recording

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FOTL: Opening Session

Making the Most of Synchronous and Asynchronous Time

Building Community Online

Taking Engaged Learning Online

Delivering Feedback

Accessing Support Online:Where Students Can Go For Support

August 2020 FOTL Opening Remarks

View the Opening Session from the August 2020 Focus on Teaching and Learning

Featuring remarks from FCIP, Provost Norberto Grzywacz, notice of teaching award winners, and a faculty panel.