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FOTL Faculty Panel January 2020

(from right to left) Tania Schusler (Center for Environmental Sustainability), Stefan Kanzok (Department of Biology), and Seungho Moon (School of Education), all contributed to the January 2020 Faculty Panel entitled, Creating Learner-Centered Engaged Experiences.

FOTL Photo Question

An attendee asks a question to panelists at the January 2020 FOTL.

FOTL photo Brainstorm

Dr. Cynthia Stewart and Brody Tate, from the Center for Experiential Learning, host a FOTL session entitled Building a Bridge- Creative Assessment of Student Learning Through Learning Portfolios at the January 2020 FOTL.

FOTL photo DEI

Kevin Kaufmann leads a FOTL session entitled "Why are the Hard Subjects So Hard for Students to Hear?: Resistance to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions Practices in the Classroom" at the January 2020 FOTL.