An education is more than just what happens in the classroom. Students at the Quinlan School of Business have access to organizations, activities, and events that will build your network of colleagues and friends, your leadership skills, and your understanding of business and the world.

Get involved and make the most of your Quinlan experience! You’ll join a community of people just like you—committed to doing well and doing good in the world.

Student Organizations

Our student organizations range from special interest groups to business fraternities to community service organizations. Activities include speaker and networking events, socials, service activities, and project work with client organizations and customers.

Find a student group that aligns with your interests and goals:

Events and Programs

The Quinlan School of Business offers events and programs tailored to the needs of business students.

Undergraduate students can attend the twice-a-year Etiquette Dinner, join the Quinlan Ambassadors, and travel with the Quinlan Ramble to another major U.S. city to get an inside look at corporate titans. You’ll join a welcoming community at general networking and social events, as well as at identity-based programs and events. You’ll have a shot at earning top honors at local and international student competitions.

All students — both graduate and undergraduate — are invited to programs around timely issues, from industry-specific topics to discussions at the intersection of business and social responsibility, sustainability, racial justice, and more.

The opportunities are varied and plentiful. See our events calendar.

Career Services

We’ll also help you advance your career through Career Services and LoyolaLinked (formerly Loyola Mentors), our networking and mentorship platform. Our professional and personal development programs will help you grow.

Global Business

A global thread runs throughout our academics and our student life to support the global, cross-cultural perspective needed by today’s leaders.

Many of our classes and student organizations include a global perspective, and when international travel is advisable, we run undergraduate and graduate study abroad.