Career Services offers comprehensive career preparation and resources to currently enrolled, degree-seeking students and alumni from the Quinlan School of Business.

We help business students and alumni:

  • Make satisfying and informed career decisions
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Create opportunities

Explore our career services

  • Events
    Attend career fairs, on-campus interviews, employer meet and greets, and corporate information sessions.
  • Student Resources
    Make your next career move with the support of our services and resources.
  • Employer Relations
    Recruit your interns and full-time staff through our career platform and hiring events. 
  • LoyolaLinked
    Build strong professional and mentor relationships through LoyolaLinked: Quinlan (formerly called Loyola Mentors).
  • Career Education
  • Business Administration (BSAD) courses assist students in the development of the critical skills required for successful career management and job search navigation.
  • Q Mentorship Program
    The Q Mentorship Program is a supplement to Loyola’s BSAD 220 Career Preparation course.
  • MBA-Exchange.com Premium Services
    Tap into the job search services available to Quinlan's graduate students.
  • Alumni Career Services
    Services are customized and personalized to meet the needs of Quinlan alumni. 

Report your internship or full-time job
Help keep Quinlan's reputation strong by reporting your career plans.

Job Scams Alert: Online communication, including email and online job systems has made it easier for job seekers to find positions posted by employers. Unfortunately, the same technology makes it easier for scammers to create fraudulent positions. Learn how to play it safe