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Enrolling at SCPS

I’m ready to enroll. What’s my next step?

Contact us at GPEM@luc.edu or 312-915-7900 to schedule a meeting with one of our admissions counselors.

With everything else I have going on in my life, how can I possibly complete coursework?

The majority of SCPS courses are offered in a flexible 8-week, online format. Students, on average, take two classes within an 8-week session which is a course load that allows them to find the proper balance between coursework and other life responsibilities.

How much credit can I transfer?

Loyola SCPS accepts transfer credit earned from community colleges and regionally accredited universities, though the use of transfer credit will vary from student to student. You can request a free transfer credit evaluation to see where you stand. Please know, however, that the transcript evaluation is an unofficial document, and an error will not exempt you from a requirement.

Can I complete a certificate with my degree?

Students working toward a BA within SCPS have the option of completing one of our professional certificates while working toward their degree. If you have general elective credit to complete, the certificate is a good option to both satisfy this requirement and to earn an additional credential.

I am not a SCPS student. Can I still enroll in SCPS classes?

Current Loyola students from schools/colleges outside of SCPS may request permission to enroll in some courses offered in SCPS. You will need to meet certain guidelines and fill out the Appeal form to be considered. Please see this link for additional information.

Who are the SCPS Ambassadors and how can they help me?

A select group of current students and alumni, SCPS Ambassadors serve as liaisons to our new and prospective students. Ambassadors can assist you as you transition to the college environment at Loyola. Find an ambassador here.

Financing Your SCPS Education

How can I finance my education?

There are numerous ways to finance your SCPS education, including:

  • Federal and state aid, which can include grant funds and loan opportunities
  • Scholarships, both from Loyola University Chicago and external organizations
  • Tuition reimbursement through an employer
  • Veterans Educational Benefits

Learn More About:

Can I apply for SCPS scholarships? What options are available to me?

SCPS is able to offer numerous scholarships and awards to support returning college students. Please note that award opportunities and amounts will vary from semester to semester and may be applied toward tuition only. You can find detailed information and a list of available scholarships here. You can also contact SCPS assistant dean Jennifer Gettings (jgettin@luc.edu) for more information.

Life As An SCPS Student

What is LOCUS and why do I need it?

LOCUS is your personalized, centralized student information center. Here you will find information on:

  • Academics (Your class schedule)
  • Finances
  • Personal Information
  • Transcript and graduation related information
  • University Calendars
  • University Newsroom
  • Useful links and tutorials

You can access your LOCUS account with your Loyola ID and Password. More information on LOCUS can be found here.

How do I access my Loyola email?

You can access your Loyola email by account through https://outlook.luc.edu. Your Loyola email will be the main medium of communication for your faculty, peers, and class enrollment as well as graduation information, so make a habit of checking it regularly.

What is my Rambler ID card?

The Rambler Card is Loyola's official identification card for all members of the Loyola community. You need your Rambler ID card to access any building on campus as well as University shuttle bus service and campus libraries. Additionally, other campus facilities (i.e. the Halas Recreation Center, the Parking Garages) use the Rambler Card as a membership card to gain access. The Rambler Card also houses student Meal Plans and acts as a pre-paid debit card with Rambler Bucks. The Rambler Card can be used at on-campus dining facilities, either campus bookstore, vending machines, parking facilities, campus copy centers, and select off-campus restaurants along with numerous other locations.

Can anyone get access to my educational records? What are my privacy rights as a student?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) addresses the rights of students as they pertain to their education records. Read more about Loyola and FERPA.

Where is the Library? How can I access it?

The Loyola University Libraries facilitate the pursuit of knowledge and creativity through user-focused services and collections in an inviting, collaborative, and innovative learning environment. Libraries are located at both Water Tower and Lake Shore Campuses. Your CPST 200 course will have a detailed section on how to use the Loyola library. In the meantime, though, here is a list of available library resources.

What are the technology and digital resources available to me as an SCPS student?

This link provides you with a comprehensive list of technology resources for all SCPS students. At any given point, you can also reach out to the Information Technology Service Desk (773.508.4487 or ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu) for more information or assistance.

Does Loyola provide students health insurance?

Full-time students along with their spouse/domestic partner and dependent children are eligible for Loyola's Insurance plan. Loyola's insurance provider is United Healthcare Student Resources. On this link, you will find details regarding rates and eligibility requirements for enrolling in a plan.

What is the Office of Registration and Records and how can that office help me?

Loyola's Office of Registration and Records provides academic and enrollment services for faculty and students including: scheduling, registration, record keeping, and reporting. They also assist employers seeking degree verification and alumni who request copies of their transcripts. Explore their website to learn more.

How can I order a transcript?

If you are a current student with a LOCUS ID, you can request your official transcripts through LOCUS. If you are an alumnus or former student, please visit this page for more information.

Is there a centralized directory where I can find information on Loyola staff, faculty and alumni?

The University Directory provides you with an option to search in our database for information on faculty, staff, students, and alums. Please note that some information may be privileged and, therefore, restricted.

Registering and Readying for Class

Where might I find course schedules, descriptions and academic calendars?

Below, you will find links to our most current course schedules and academic calendars. The information on these pages is updated periodically and serves as a guide to help you plan future classes.

I would like to view faculty profiles before enrolling for classes. Is this possible?

We have comprehensive and updated profiles for all SCPS faculty members available here.

Where can I buy books and other school-related supplies?

The University Bookstore is your one-stop-shop for all books and Loyola merchandise. A bookstore is located at the Water Tower Campus (Baumhart Hall - 2nd floor) as well as the Lakeshore Campus (Granada Center). You can also access the University Bookstore’s online store at your convenience.

Online Learning at SCPS

What do synchronous and asynchronous mean in an online class?

Synchronous means every enrolled student is online at the same time, typically during an online meeting. Some SCPS courses are fully synchronous, meaning they meet every week once a week for the full eight-week term, while others may have anywhere from 1-4 synchronous meetings within the eight-week session. Students can refer to the course schedules to review required synchronous meeting times for a course.

Asynchronous, meanwhile, is independent coursework students complete on their own schedule typically with a deadline. All SCPS courses include asynchronous work.

Might you walk me through the tools and resources for online classes?

Sakai is the learning management system that will be used for your online course. New SCPS students will reserve resources and support to help them learn how to use Sakai and navigate different course features.

What do I need to do to be successful in an online course?

Here are some proven ways to maximize your experience in an online course:

  • Practice good time management: review the syllabus and course carefully to determine when assignments are due and when you will work on them
  • Be proactive and communicate: tell instructor about schedule conflicts and difficulties; share reactions, ideas, concerns
  • Post your questions to class Discussion Board for others to benefit
  • Take advantage of office hours or other synchronous communication
  • Cultivate relationships with your fellow students and build a peer support network to drive success in current and future courses
  • When in doubt, ask

What kind of interaction can I expect with faculty and fellow students in an online course?

Every instructor is different but you can expect a variation of the following components:

  • Discussion Boards
  • Other formats for communication: Email, announcements, blogs, asynchronous and IM chat, wikis, and journals
  • Synchronous or recorded sessions
  • Instructor’s office hours
  • Group work

We encourage you to build relationships with your fellow students early on in your SCPS career. As you will see many of the same students in various classes, your peers can be an important support network for you and enliven your learning.

What materials are required for an online course?

Depending on the class (check LOCUS and the course syllabus), textbooks are purchased either through the Water Tower Campus bookstore or the Lake Shore Campus bookstore or the University Bookstore’s online store. Additional materials may also be available through the course, as determined by the instructor, including online resources, recorded or live presentations, articles, summaries, assignment guidelines and rubrics, electronic databases, etc.

I’ve never taken an online course before. How does an online course work?

For so many SPCS students, online learning is a new experience. However, it features rather familiar components:

  • The course will be organized in modules according to weeks or units
  • Each unit will typically include required readings, additional content/materials, Discussion Board topics, assignments, and rubrics
  • The pace will be determined by your instructor
  • Assignments are given for a variety of assessments and activities
  • Deadlines and due dates will be provided by instructor

Do online classes entail more work than regular classes?

Online courses are equivalent to on-campus courses in terms of content and assignments. Many students find that their participation increases in online classes as discussion is ongoing and not limited to the few hours of a face-to-face class session.

Do I need to know a lot about technology to take an online class?

It may take a little time to learn how to use the different features in an online classroom, but there is plenty of help and support at Loyola and through SCPS, including online tutorials, to help you feel comfortable with the technology.

Supporting Your Success at SCPS

What resources are available to me as an SCPS student?

When you are enrolled in SCPS coursework, you are a full-fledged Loyola University Chicago student with access to the same resources as any other student, including:

Will someone be available to personally help me navigate different aspects of the college process?

Academic advising at SCPS is an integral part of our larger mission to drive your academic success and an academic advisor will accompany you throughout your learning journey at SCPS. Your assigned advisor will be able to assist you with a variety of academic matters, including:

  • Accessing important academic information
  • Applying transfer credits
  • Connecting to other university offices
  • Course selection and registration
  • Planning progress toward graduation
  • Resolving problems that affect your academic performance
  • Understanding university policies and procedures

We encourage all of our students to actively participate in the advising process. Please schedule an appointment with an advisor by contacting 312.915.7900 or scps@luc.edu.

To learn more about Academic Advising at SCPS along with resources, scheduling appointments, and advisor-student expectations, please refer to the Academic Advising Syllabus. Students are encouraged to review this syllabus ahead of their academic advising appointments.

Do I always have to schedule an appointment to connect with my advisor?

No. If you would like to connect with your Academic Advisor, SCPS offers “Express Advising.” – 10-15 minute live chats with your advisor on a designated day – as an alternative to scheduling an appointment.