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Aubrey Sirman, PhD

Title/s:  Clinical Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences

Office #:  Maguire 446

Phone: 312.915.8943

Email: asirman@LUC.edu


Chuluota, Florida

What attracted you to Arrupe College?

I initially joined Arrupe College just to teach the introductory environmental science courses. During my first year I got to know the faculty, staff, and students and it was clear to me that Arrupe was different than other academic institutions and that I wanted to continue to be a part of this college! I was particularly attracted to Arrupe's mission to care for the whole person and their model to affordable liberal arts education for first-generation college students. Throughout my time in academia my most memorable and cherished experiences have been related to teaching and mentoring students. Arrupe gives me the chance to do both as both as an instructor and adviser.

Talk a little about the classes you teach.

I currently teach ACISC 101 Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues, ACISC 102 Environmental Processes, Challenges, and Methods, and ACBIO 101 General Biology. Students today will have to contend with significant local and global environmental issues. In my environmental science courses, I try to challenge students to think critically about how environmental issues can and most certainly will impact their lives and communities. Biology is my specialty so it's inherently one of my favorite classes to teach. I love teaching students about the processes of the natural world and finding real world examples that encourage them to find "awe" in nature.

How did you get involved in teaching?

I began teaching as a graduate student in both my master's and doctoral programs. I've taught many different science courses including ecology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? And the biggest challenge?

My favorite part about teaching is helping students connect scientific processes to their own lives and teaching them to be curious! I think one of the biggest challenges is continuously finding new ways to explain material. I know how I learn, but I also know I'm in a room full of students who learn differently! This also can change from semester to semester, so I'm always trying to adapt my teaching style to a new group of students.


Florida State University (BS), Auburn University (MA), North Dakota State University (PhD)

Research Interests

My research interests include understanding the role biology education plays in science identity, science self-efficacy, and driving students' choices to persist in scientific fields.

Courses Taught

  • ACISC 101 Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues
  • ACISC 102 Environmental Processes, Challenges, and Methods
  • ACBIO 101 General Biology