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Academic Calendar and Policies

Academic Calendar

Arrupe College follows the Loyola undergraduate academic calendar for the Fall and Spring semesters. The College has a unique calendar for the Summer term.

Final Exams

Final exams occur in the sixteenth week of the Fall and Spring semesters and the ninth week of the Summer term. Usually, exams are administered in the room of instruction. Please refer to the term's final exam schedule to determine the date and time of a given exam.

Summer 2024 Exam Schedule - Morning Classes

Monday, July 22

Exam Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Monday/Thursday Classes beginning at 9:15 or 10:00 AM  

ACCOM101.001   Moody, Shannon Gore  JFMH 240 
ACENG110.003   Burke, Daniel Edmund  JFMH 324 
ACENG282.001  Cochran, Danielle   JFMH 150 
ACFNA100.001  Strang, Susannah Kite  JFMH 234 
ACISC102.001  Sirman, Aubrey  JFMH 330 
ACMAT117.001  Thames, Anthony  JFMH 340 
ACMAT118.001  Flahive, Kieran R  CLC 0205 
ACMAT161.001   Manguba-Glover, Krystin  CLC 0426 
ACMAT162.001   Nissan, Katherine  JFMH 360 
ACPHI130.001  Raees, Aisha  CLC 0203
ACPOL101.002  Hii, Adam  CLC 0303


Tuesday, July 23

Exam Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Monday/Thursday Classes beginning at 2:00 PM

ACAT202.001   McCarthy, Susan   SCHR 406 
ACCRJ204.001   In, Brent Seungho   JFMH 240 
ACISC101.001   Pederson, Michael Edward   CLC 0205 
ACISC102.002    Nguyen, Michael   JFMH 330 
ACPHI274.001   Raees, Aisha   JFMH 150 
ACPSY275.001    Gutierrez, Robert   JFMH 360 
ACTHE107.001   Ramos-Baker, Andy   JFMH 340 
ACWRI110.002   O'Brien, Sean   JFMH 324 


Summer 2024 Exam Schedule - Afternoon

Monday, July 22

Exam Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Monday/Thursday classes starting at 2:00 PM

ACCOM200.001  Armstrong, Jennifer  JFMH 240
ACENG110.001  Castellanos, Jose Manuel  JFMH 340
ACFNA100.002  Strang, Susannah Kite  JFMH 234
ACPHI205.001  Ahumada, Minerva  JFMH 360
ACPOL200.001  Pope, Lavar  CLC 0205

Tuesday, July 23

Exam Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday/Friday classes starting at 2:00 PM

Class Instructor Room
ACECO202.001  McCarthy, Susan  SCHR 406
ACHIS101.001  Alvarez, Rene L.  JFMH 150
ACPHI281.001  Tarantino, Giancarlo  JFMH 324
ACSTA101.001  Adler, Shifra  JFMH 360
ACWRI110.001  Bninski, Julia Ladelle  JFMH 324

Arrupe Academic Policies

Learn about Arrupe College's innovative Associate of Arts degree program; find information about procedures that relate to academic progress and standing; and understand important policies to help you successfully complete your degree program.

From time to time, these policies and their accompanying forms will be updated to align with the needs of the College and its students. All students will be held to the most current academic policies and regulations.