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Apply for Graduation

Who Can Apply

Arrupe College students who have earned at least 30 credit hours by the end of the Fall semester are able to apply for graduation in the Summer term. To be eligible to graduate, you must complete a Graduation Application. The application is available online through LOCUS.

When to Apply

Arrupe College students typically complete in the Summer academic term and that is the only option you will see available in LOCUS. If you complete a different term, please contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs to ensure that the correct term is reflected; Fall, Spring, or Summer. Apply by October 1st for Summer graduation.

How to Apply

Please follow these steps to complete your application in LOCUS:

  1. Log into LOCUS
  2. Enter your ‘Student Center’
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select ‘Apply for Graduation’
  4. Select your desired program
  5. Select your desired graduation term
  6. Press ‘Continue’ and proofread the application information
  7. Verify or update your name as it will appear on your diploma
  8. Verify or update your permanent address
  9. Indicate whether you will attend the graduation ceremony
  10. Press ‘Save Changes’
  11. Press ‘Continue’
  12. Press ‘Submit Application’

For a visual step-by-step, please review the Self Service Graduation LOCUS.

Commencement Ceremony

Arrupe College only offers a Commencement Ceremony once a year. This takes place after the Summer term, typically the second week of August. In order to be eligible to walk at commencement, you must have earned 48 credit hours and earned a 2.0 GPA by the end of the Summer term.

Requirements to Complete

Arrupe’s curriculum has three components:

  • Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) General Education Core Requirements (37-38 credit hours), and
  • Arrupe mission core requirements transferable to Loyola University Chicago (10 credit hours), and
  • Concentration and elective credit (15-21 credit hours).

To receive an Associates of Arts degree from Arrupe College, you must:

  • Complete all required courses, including the IAI General Education Core, the Arrupe mission core, and electives. Please see the Arrupe College website for a current list of classes that satisfy core requirements.
  • Earn a minimum of 63 credit hours, including:
    • At least nineteen courses worth 3 credits or more,
    • At least one lab course worth 4 credits, and
    • One 1-credit-hour ACUNI seminar course.
  • Earn a GPA of at least 2.0.

Who is eligible to walk across the stage at Commencement?

Students need at least a cumulative “C” average (2.00) to meet graduation requirements for an Associate’s degree. Students preparing to transfer should understand that, although the policy permits a course in which they earned a grade of “D” to count towards an Associate’s, admission to most degree-granting institutions – and to specific bachelor degree majors – is often highly competitive.


What if my major is not correctly identified in LOCUS?

Please complete a Change of Degree Form.

What if my legal name has changed?

The name that will appear on your diploma will be your Primary Name recorded in LOCUS. If any changes are required, you are asked to enter those changes in LOCUS. If your Diploma Name differs significantly from your Primary Name, a notarized Name Change Request must be filed at the Office of Registration and Records.

What if I wish to have my diploma mailed to another address?

If you wish to have your diploma mailed to another address, please complete the Temporary Diploma Mailing Address form (PDF) and email if to diploma@luc.edu.

What grade point average is needed to be eligible for laudatory honors?

This outstanding accomplishment will be noted on the student's diploma and official transcript.

Cumulative Loyola GPA

Laudatory Honor

3.500 - 3.699

Cum laude (with praise)

3.700 - 3.899

Magna cum laude (with high praise)

3.900 - 4.000

Summa cum laude (with highest praise)

Note: GPA is not rounded for laudatory honors.