Learning the law doesn't end at the classroom door.

Applying your knowledge in a real-world setting is a crucial component of your legal education. At Loyola University Chicago School of Law, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your experience and career prospects while serving the community through these renowned centers, institutes, and programs.

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Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

Nationally recognized as a leading center devoted to the study of health care law, the Beazley Institute educates health law leaders and policymakers through a curriculum grounded in transactional, regulatory, life science, and public health and policy issues.

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Civitas ChildLaw Center

A key voice in children's law and policy, the Civitas ChildLaw Center prepares law students, lawyers, and other leaders to be effective advocates for children and families through curricular opportunities and practical, real-world training.

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Curt and Linda Rodin Center for Social Justice

Built upon the School of Law's unwavering commitment to social justice, the center strengthens and further develops programs to advance fairness, equity and justice internally and in marginalized communities throughout Chicago.

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Dan K. Webb Center for Advocacy

One of the most respected advocacy programs in the nation, the center brings together coursework, competitions, and other extracurricular activities in the multidisciplinary field of advocacy.

Center for Business Law

The center draws on the insight and expertise of practitioners, scholars, jurists, and business managers to prepare transactional attorneys with the rigorous legal training and strong business acumen needed to navigate ever-changing laws and regulations governing securities, tax, and other business necessities. Visit Website

Center for Compliance Studies

The Center for Compliance Studies trains and educates compliance professionals to use legal expertise to help clients balance their need to be ethical and legal with their desire for growth and profitability. Visit Website

Center for the Human Rights of Children

The Center for the Human Rights of Children applies a human-rights approach to the problems affecting children, reaffirming the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family, including children, is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Visit Website

Center for Public Interest Law

Helping those in need is an inspiration for many choosing to study the law. In the Jesuit tradition of service to others, the center offers innovative ways for students to engage in work that promotes social justice. Visit Website

Education Law and Policy Institute

With the institute, you'll learn to navigate the complex field of education law in service to the educational needs of children through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience. Visit Website

Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

Through the creation and sponsorship of courses, fellowships, publications, conferences, and symposia, the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies is preparing the next generation of competition and consumer advocates. Visit Website

Institute for International Law and Practice

The legal profession must respond and adapt to an increasingly globalized world. Loyola's institute encourages students to achieve a global perspective through its broad international offerings. Visit Website

Institute for Investor Protection

The Institute for Investor Protection is a non-partisan, independent academic center that promotes investor protection for the individual consumer and the public and seeks to shape policy issues affecting investors. Visit Website

Rule of Law for Development Program

Rule of law underlies all political, economic, and social goods. To overcome today’s development challenges—violence, infringements of human rights, environmental destruction, poverty, hunger—rule of law is essential. This is where Loyola's Rule of Law for Development Program is making a difference. Visit Website

Rule of Law Institute

The Rule of Law Institute seeks to develop groundbreaking research, produce new solutions, and prompt real change that will empower individual lives, assist economic development, and advance legal standing. Visit Website

Dispute Resolution Program

Loyola is a leader in providing students with dispute resolution tools through a broad and interactive curriculum, international programs, innovative seminars, and student organizations and competitions. Visit Website

Intellectual Property Law Program

In recognition of the growing importance of technology and the emergence of intellectual property and patent law in the global economy, Loyola offers a variety of courses and research opportunities in trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret law. Visit Website

National Security and Civil Rights Program

The National Security and Civil Rights Program explores the intersection of national security and foreign relations powers with civil liberties in the United States. Visit Website

Tax and Estate Planning Program

Loyola's tax and estate planning program prepares lawyers to excel in transactional practice through an expansive curriculum in corporate, tax, and estate planning law. Visit Website