Employers demand practice-ready law graduates. So we teach you to use the law in the real world.

Loyola is committed to developing the skills and judgment you need to enter practice. We ensure you'll gain hands-on experience while in school. You'll complete at least six credit hours through an externship program, comprehensive simulation courses, clinics, or practica. Through these programs, you'll get to serve clients in a real practice setting before graduation.

Beyond these experiences, you will be going to law school in one of the largest, most sophisticated legal markets in the country, offering a rich array of clerkship, summer, and part-time employment opportunities. At your option, you will also have the opportunity to be exposed to legal markets across the country through our remote Externship opportunities. You'll learn to apply substantive law to real-life situations. In short, you'll have a solid advantage when seeking full-time employment

Experiential Learning Electives

A minimum of 6 Experiential Learning credits are required after the first year. Students satisfy this requirement through a combination of comprehensive simulation courses and live-client experiences. At least 3 credits of the 6 credit Experiential Learning requirement must be completed through one or more of the following Live-Client Experience courses:

  • Intensive field placement through Loyola’s Externship Program,
  • Participation in one of Loyola’s Clinics, or
  • Practicum with a Field Placement or Approved Project.

Please review the various types of Experiential Learning Programs below. Students should also monitor "Law School Announcements" for scheduled Information Sessions about Clinics and Externships.

Clinical Programs

Advocating for the underserved. It's at the heart of Loyola's commitment to social justice. Our clinical programs offer real-world experience in representing children, families and other members of the community in need. The first-hand knowledge you'll gain through these programs will set you apart in your education and career goals.


A practicum is a seminar course focused on a specific area of law that gives you the option of acquiring experiential learning credit either through a live client experience in a field placement or a comprehensive simulation. For a live client experience via practicum, students complete a field placement and provide services to the clients of that agency.

Practicum courses are available after completion of a first year course and focus on:

  • Practical skills
  • Ethical considerations
  • Professionalism doctrine and theory
  • Development of core competencies.

Examples of practicum topic areas include criminal laweducation law, mediation, immigration law, veteran's, family law, and domestic relations.

Comprehensive Simulations

A Comprehensive Simulation course is structured around hypothetical legal situations. Only 3 credit hours of the 6 credit Experiential Learning requirement may be completed through Comprehensive Simulation courses. Examples of simulation course topics include trial practice, advising not-for-profit organizations, mediation, transactional law, and estate planning.