Below you'll find articles about various AI-related topics including an online publication, AI Edge, produced by the AI Business Consortium at Loyola University Chicago. The publication explores real-world AI applications and implications across industries, all through the lens of promoting the common good.

AI Publications

2nd Quarter 2024

Topics include generative AI's impact on manufacturing design, maintenance, and quality control; the role of objective functions in defining AI's capabilities; and how large language models are transforming AI with autonomous agents for improved decision-making and customer experiences. READ MORE

1st Quarter 2024

Topics include: Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) models and their potential for various industries; the transformative role of AI in supply chain management, and machine learning insights for non-machine learning engineers. READ MORE

Training The Translators: Why Business Schools Need To Up Their AI Game

The AI industry is growing, but organizations struggle with challenges like risk management and HR issues. Business schools are vital in educating business translators who bridge the gap between business needs and AI capabilities. READ MORE

4th Quarter 2023

Topics include: how successful structuring of AI can improve productivity, protocols for ChatGPT use in the classroom; six points to assist firms in the structure and rollout of AI; and the potential need for governance, risk, and compliance solutions as AI regulation increases. READ MORE

3rd Quarter 2023

Topics include: how AI is transforming retail supply and demand planning; ways generative AI can be leveraged in the insurance industry and executive search; and a consumer perspective of health care and AI. READ MORE

Adopting a Dynamic AI Price Optimisation Model to Encourage Retail Customer Engagement

Technology innovation, changing consumer preferences and behaviours and competition compel successful enterprises to embrace change. Nowhere are these pressures more acute than in the retail industry and, in particular, for those engaged in the sale of fashion merchandise. READ MORE