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Student Government of Loyola Chicago

2022-2023 Organizational Goals

Student Government of Loyola Chicago 

Organizational Goals 

This year, the Student Government of Loyola Chicago Organizational Goals report is a living document. Below are the 2022-2023 action statements. Bi-monthly initiative updates will accompany these standing goals. 

Sustainability: Collaborate with sustainability and justice-oriented student organizations to promote environmental accountability within all aspects of our community through an intersectional approach. Evaluating the University’s existing sustainability commitments, expand environmental equity on campus through action steps that contribute to our long-term goals of fossil fuel divestment and elimination of single-use plastics. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Prioritize the systemic integration of DEI and institutionalize throughout campus life and student academic departments, while placing an emphasis on the enforcement of accountability of campus partners and within the Loyola student body. Furthermore, strive to implement more diversified curriculums while amplifying the voices and presence of underrepresented communities at Loyola. 

Community Outreach: Prioritize mutual transparency and engagement between SGLC and the Loyola and Rogers Park community through increased communication and collaboration efforts. Furthermore, assist student organizations in their programming efforts through financial and educational support with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion events. Create an open dialogue between students, faculty, and administrators as the community continues to adjust to an in-person University experience. 

Financial Education: Commit to efficient and equitable spending of all SGLC and non-SGLC related funds and maintain transparency as well as equal opportunity for the student body. Additionally, provide education on all aspects of the financial processes in which SGLC is involved. 

Safety and Accessibility: Prioritize accessibility and physical and psychological safety for all students on Loyola’s campuses by working with students directly, recognizing everyone’s individual needs, and collaborating with campus partners including Campus Safety, the Student Accessibility Center, and Residence Life. Additionally, equipping students with the knowledge of campus resources so that they feel comfortable, supported, and valued in their home. 

Wellness: Advocate for inclusive and accessible physical and mental healthcare services in every aspect of the student experience in collaboration with partners including the Wellness Center, Dining Services, and other departments. Provide accommodations for students with dietary restrictions or financial burdens in order to easily access food on campus. Furthermore, work alongside the University to continue to adopt an embedded wellness approach that prioritizes student wellbeing in both social and academic settings.