Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Learn More about the Three Branches

Legislative Branch

The Senate of the SGLC is comprised of thirty-five senators, with individuals representing each class. The Senate democratically forms the official voice of Loyola's undergraduate student body.

The legislative body is represented by the Speaker of the Senate, who runs and coordinates the Senate Meetings. Senate is divided into various committees made up of Senators from each class, as well as undesignated Senators. The committees tackle important issues brought before Senate and advocate for those issues with various administrators, staff, and faculty on campus. In addition, special committees may be established by the Senate and will dissolve at the end of a SGLC term. For a full description of our six committees, click here.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is headed by the President of the SGLC who maintains the efficiency of the entire student government. Positions include supervision of the senate & internal affairs, communications, finances, sustainability efforts, and diversity & inclusion. It supports the mandates of the Senate, and provides guidance and resources for the student government's projects and initiatives.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is comprised of four Associate Justices and one Chief Justice within the Judicial Branch.

The Judicial Branch is tasked with determining the constitutionality of all Executive Orders and passed Legislation. The Branch also reviews acts of internal misconduct and hears cases of censure and impeachment.