Jinhee Wilde Endowed Scholarship to support students pursuing immigration law

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is pleased to announce that Jinhee Wilde (JD ‘85), a founder and former CEO of WA Law Group, LLC, has established the Jinhee Wilde Endowed Scholarship for students who want to pursue a career in immigration law. The scholarship will be awarded to one student over the course of their three-year program, starting in July 2025. Students must demonstrate an interest in immigration law and have financial need.

Wilde says that scholarships are the keys that unlock doors to a realm of opportunities previously deemed inaccessible for many due to financial constraints. They are the great equalizers in a field that thrives on diversity of thought and background, fostering a justice system that is truly representative of the society it serves.

“This scholarship will help invest in the next generation of diverse legal advocates who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue this highly specialized, dynamic, and rewarding area of legal practice,” says Katherine Kaufka Walts, director of the School of Law’s Center for the Human Rights of Children. “Loyola’s immigration law curriculum aims to teach future attorneys the current realities of immigration law as experienced in practice, to understand immigration in the larger human rights paradigm, and to show how it intersects with other fields of law in the pursuit of social justice.” (December 2023)